The Benefits Of Using A Tarp(aulin)

Tarpaulins are used in many different ways, such as a tent covering booths at festivals, a lean-to or ground covering when camping. for covering firewood, for protecting delicate crops during heavy rainfall and numerous other uses. Camping uses are many – shelters, ground cover. storage, hammocks, carrying items and for ponchos. Landscaping uses include rock gardens, weed control and keeping the ground warms.

Tarpaulins are usually made from a water-resistant material such as polyethylene. Ohers are actually made from cotton canvas. It all depends upon the use of the tarp. They are used to protect people and things from the elements such as wind, rain and even heavy sunlight. You will find them at many construction sites covering wet cement, or piles of wood or protecting structures that are partially built.

Tarps are used whenever there is a natural disaster to provide shelter or cover needed supplies. Often they will be used to cover a damaged structure or even when there is an accident. Tarps are also used to prevent messes when painting or doing crafts, or to collect debris or waste. The list goes on and on.

Tarps come in many colors, thicknesses and sizes. Some have grommets for tying while others do not. The color of the tarp actually has to do with heat and cold. Black and gray tarps can keep things beneath them cooler because the black tarp observes the sunlight. White tarps, on the other hand, reflect light. Sometimes they come with two colors, one side being silver. The silver is actually used to divert sunlight and heat from the items being protected. One last thing on color, did you know that yellow tarpaulins are used at accident scenes to act as containers to prevent gas and oil from flowing into the ground.

More uses? Tarps make excellent privacy dividers, as in creating shower and restroom areas or separate rooms or boundary fences. When traveling or exploring they can be used to create picnic areas. Awnings made from tarps provide shade or animal shelters. They can be used as flotation devices, to collect water or on a hot day can be turned into a slip-and-slide. How about as a make-shift transport for injured persons? Roof repairs to prevent leaks are not an unusual use. Cars, trucks, boats and bikes get protection from extreme sunlight or snow.

The uses and benefits seem to be limited to our imaginations. Here are a few more ideas: indoor or outdoor forts for the kids, to create a pond or small swimming pool, or to cover windows or doorways. Lastly, many are printed and used as advertising banners for businesses and events.

More uses can be easily found on Youtube, for instance:

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