The AR Rifles – How do they differ from each other?

AR rifles (as seen on are among the best sellers when it comes to guns in the rifle industry. A lot of people are impressed with these guns that have a great amount of long distance shooting options. There are also some guns that have great safety features. The AR – which stands for Armalite – is a brand of rifle that is also known as the modern sporting rifle – has a lot of variations.




One rifle that tends to have a lot of variations is the M14. This is the type of rifle that makes the cut for the military. It became a popular rifle that was used by the armed forces so it gained a lot of attention during the early stages. With a 20 round detachable magazine and a number of variations like the M14K, CAR 14, M14M, M14E1 and the M14A1 the AF rifle has become a model for a lot of other guns that have surfaced over the years. It is still favored highly in the military for training purposes.


AR 10


AR-10 krtn is one of those rifles that stands out in a lot of environments because it is a gun that you can personalize. It tends to be one of the more effective choices for people that are interested in hunting. It has become a gun that has become favored by many because it has a lot of different models, some of which have 100 parts. People that take to the AR-10 rifles are typically going to be people that are looking to spend a considerable amount on a gun because they want the ability to personalize it.




The most talked about AR rifle tends to be the AR-15. It is considered the sure shot rifle that is also favored by many Americans that are used for both personal defense and hunting. These are the type of guns that were big in the military, but the appeal for the AR-15 brands would eventually trickle over into civilian life. People would see the popularity of these types of brands because they had options for scopes and variations that could improve your ability to hunt. These guns also have muzzles and detachable box magazines. These are the type of guns that can hold 20 or even 30 rounds. That is more than enough for most hunters.


.204 Ruger


The concept of the rugger AR rifle is another thing that has made more of the rifles from the Remington family stand out. It received a lot of recognition during the initial introduction in 2004 for being among one of the highest velocity AR rifles that could be purchased for commercial usage.


More people are looking at the AR rifles that are on the map. It has become one of the most popular brands of guns because it has so much power.