What are the benefits of buying an air purifier for your home?

If you feel as though the air in your home is not as clean as it could be, it may be time to consider buying an air purifier. Not only are they inexpensive compared to the benefits you will get from owning one, but the benefits are many as well.

Removing pet allergens — If you have an allergy to the fur or dander of your pet, even if it is just a mild one, buying an air purifier can often cause that allergy to disappear.

A good air purifier can clean the air of any pet pollutants in less than two hours, and help you get rid of the itchy eyes you are currently used to having.

Removal of hay and other pollen — In the spring and summer, allergies to hay and other pollen can cause you to be miserable being both outside and inside. With an air purifier and the right air filter, however, that pollen can be pulled out of the air in no time at all. That will make your time at home far more relaxing and itch-free than it has been in the past.

Removal of mold spores — No matter how much you clean your home and dry out your kitchen and bathroom, you can still end up with mold spores. These spores get into the air and can contaminate your lungs causing breathing difficulties.

An air filter will remove the mold spores from the air, and make it easier for you to breathe again.

Removing your neighbor’s cooking odors — If you live in an apartment, you will often get your neighbor’s cooking odors permeating into your living space. When you do, you may not think using the right air purifier and filter could help you remove those odors, but they can.

In fact, once you buy an air purifier and turn it on every time you can smell your neighbor’s Thai curry or frying fish, you will soon notice how little those smells bother you anymore.

Cigarette smoke — Cigarette smoke can hang around in a room or hallway for weeks as it permeates into the furniture, curtains and wallpaper.

An air filter that is specifically for cigarette smoke can remove that smell from any fabric or wallpaper in your home, and make sure you are never bothered with second-hand smoke again.

Flu viruses — While you may not think about the flu virus when you are considering buying an air purifier, a good purifier can be one of the first lines of defense against it.

This is because a purifier with a carbon air filter can remove the flu virus from the air, and from where it was resting on surfaces, and stop you from coming into contact with it.

That means, even if someone visits your home that is suffering from the flu, as long as you run the air filter and do not touch surfaces and then your nose or mouth, you should have little chance of catching it.