Save Time and Money: DIY Your Acrylic Nails

Having gorgeous nails takes a lot of time and energy to keep up with especially for ladies that get their nails professionally done. Instead of spending the extra cash on regular nail salon visits try doing them yourself. There are many excellent at-home acrylic nail kits that are simple to use and will offer significant cost savings over salons.


Find the Right Kit


For people that are new to doing acrylic nails at home, an all-in-one kit is the best option, for instance kit uñas acrilicas completo. The kit will include everything you need in one package. Most kits include acrylic nails, acrylic powders, acrylic liquids, cutting tool, filing tool, buffer, primer, and brushes. Be sure to select a kit that contains EMA (ethyl methacrylate) rather than MMA (methyl methacrylate). MMA damages the natural nail so it is best avoided.


Getting Started


Once you have selected your acrylic kit the next step is to trim your nails and cuticles. Be sure to remove any old nail polish and clean nails. Next buff your nails thoroughly so that the acrylic can work its magic. Then soak your cuticles to soften the skin then push the cuticles back to make room for the acrylic tips. The last step of preparation is to apply nail primer to all nails and let dry completely.


Apply the Tips


Now it is time to find the correct fitting tips. For tips that are a bit too big simply file down to the appropriate size. Next, apply the acrylic to the nail then press and hold for 10 seconds on each nail. Trim each tip to the desired length. Mix the acrylic powder with water according to package instructions and then brush onto each nail starting above the cuticle. The acrylic will take about 10 minutes to dry.


Finishing Up


To further shape and perfect tips use a coarse nail file. After that step is complete paint them your desired color or design and even add jewels if you feel like it! Acrylic nails will last approximately two weeks before they will either need to have another coat of acrylic, commonly referred to as a ‘fill-in’, or to be completely removed. If nails are discolored at all then it is best to removed acrylic tips so you can address the issue before starting a new set.


Having stylish and beautiful nails definitely helps portray a put together appearance. Keeping up with regular trips to the nail salon is both expensive and time-consuming. Instead, purchasing an affordable acrylic nail kit can save lots of time and money. The kit includes everything necessary to do your nails yourself with professional results. The instructions are simple to follow and easy to perform with a bit of work. For ladies that have always thought they could do better than the nail salon this is your chance to give it a try and see if you like the results. Your personalized acrylic nails will be the envy of your friends!


How to Get Excellent Tunes in your Car

When you are upgrading your audio sound system, it can be considered one of the most worthwhile advancements you can make to your vehicle. There are numerous manners in which to enhance the sound of your car. You can go to the extreme by building a high-quality system from the bottom up, or you can add a comparatively simple adjustment so to have a more enjoyable listening experience in your otherwise factory standard vehicle. The best car speakers in the car doors are the most important section of a car stereo’s sound. They should be the very first modification you enhance in your new sound system. This is due to where they are in the car making a huge difference in the sound. However, if you really desire to get a whole new speaker system from somewhere like LeisureLegend.com, you may have to spend some serious coinage.

According to Top Ten Reviews, where they spend forty hours in testing and eighty hours in researching, they have concluded that the following speakers are best in sound quality. The number one choice is the Pioneer A-Series because their sound is of the highest in quality and it’s significantly louder than most other speaker brands that will use the same amount of power. However, according to Audiodrive’s speaker testing,
Audiodrive advises that 1 Polk Audio AA2691-A MM691 three-way speakers are the best. for the customer who desires a set of stronger speakers. Audiodrive claim that Polk Speakers have advanced construction and innovative materials made from carbon composite as well as featuring neodymium magnets for cutting-edge strength and resilience. 1 Polk is a speaker system pair that is created for the bass-loving auto fanatic who wants to build a powerful system using different implements.

Digital Trends chooses the Pioneer TS-A6996R as the top car speaker system. Being from Pioneers TS-A line, this version offers a massive 650 peak wattage rating bringing excellent audio sound excellence, especially if you enjoy listening to a lot of bass or drums in your music sound. Stereo Champ also gives a thumbs up for the Pioneer TS-A but the TS-A1675R series instead. Once again, they applaud Pioneer for building speakers with high quality materials and designed from to allow the listener to hear details in the music that may have not been heard on other speaker systems. They are also reasonably priced and totally capable of handling a massive amount of sound power on constant basis.

Pro Car Reviews gives the best review for the JL Audio three-way component system. Although they are rather expensive, they offer outstanding sound dimensions at high volumes ensuring distortion is at its lowest. JL already has a great reputation for having the best in quality and excellent sound. Pro Car says this system also will offer the car owner a high quality in bass as well as the defining dimensions of sound.

However, Speaker Champion recommends Rockford Fosgate P1694. This system is from their Punch series which has beautifully composed frequency response while compensating for its lack of range, nonetheless you will could hear predominantly strong high notes with this Punch model. The Punch is known for giving a sound that is crisp making it a sound. The bass possesses keep up with high notes giving a profound musical experience with very little in distortion but will balance itself out even if its being used with a great amount of power.

In conclusion, some of the best in the audio speaker business vary on their opinion of which are the best in purchasing new speakers for your vehicle. Just keep in mind, especially if you are installing the speakers yourself, start by upgrading the front door speakers because they typically make the most difference in the sound. When you get those to where you want them, then begin your consideration regarding adding amplifiers, subwoofers, or any of the additional speakers to your audio system.